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DAAD Scholarships award to three CASELAP Students for Masters and Doctoral studies in the 2015/2015 Academic year

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Sun, 09/06/2015 - 03:57
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CASELAP is pleased to announce that three of our students were awarded DAAD scholarships for the 2015/2016 Academic year. 


1. Mr. Francis Oremo         - enrolled for Ph.D Environmental Policy

 B.Ed, M.A Environmental Policy (Nairobi)


2. Ms. Valentine Cheruiyot - enrolled for Master of Arts, Environmental Policy

        Bachelor of Environmental Science (Kenyatta), Dip, Project Management (KIM)  

Ms. Valentine Cheruiyot joins CASELAP as a student from Safaricom, where she is a senior environmental compliance and regulatory monitoring officer and is an interface between her employer and the environmental regulator; National Environmental management Authority (NEMA). Her work entails ensuring that the company is in compliance with environmental regulations set out by the regulator.  She has knowledge and skills in project management, Strategic Environmental Assessment, Environmental Audits, Environmental Impact Assessments, Corporate Environmental Management, Radio Frequency, Environmental Management Systems including ISO certification, Sustainable Energy Development and Environment and environmental policies and regulations.


Valentine says, "I am keen to support the growth of an organization that provides challenges and opportunities for personal career advancement, as well as the growth of the organization and realization of its goals and mission." Her desire is to work with a public or private organization/establishment where my professional training in Environmental Science and project Management are readily and conscientiously applicable. 

According to Valentine, she is passionate about environment and that is the rationale she has joined a masters class to pursue environmental policy at the university of Nairobi, Kenya with the sole objective of equipping herself with skills and knowledge that revolves around environmental policy issues at the same time exchange ideas and opinion with other like-minded students, an opportunity that Valentine greatly appreciates.

Valentine believes that through policies some of the environmental challenges that the nation and the world at large is facing can be addressed through putting policies in place and ensuring full enforcement by the government and its people.

"I think that Global warming has become an undisputed fact about our current livelihoods; our planet is warming up and we are definitely part of the problem." According to her, this isn’t the only environmental problem that we should be concerned about. She believes that all across the world, people are facing a wealth of new and challenging environmental problems every day and some of them are small and only affect a few ecosystems, but others are drastically changing the landscape of what we already know.


3. Ms. Valentine Opanga    - enrolled for Master of Arts, Environmental Policy

Bachelor of Arts, International Relations (Nairobi) 

Throughout primary and high school, I was not sure about what I wanted to study; but I believed time would help me decide what to do. However, making a decision about what to study in college became easy as I have always had a great affinity towards History and English and therefore found out that I would excel in any subject that included studies in English and History. I studied a Diploma in Public Relations at the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) of which I graduated with Credits. I also studied Bachelor of Arts in International Studies at the University of Nairobi, a period during which I developed an interest in regional integration, environmental issues and refugee politics.

My concern for environmental safety spurred my interest in environmental policy. I have grown up in Kenya; a country faced with diverse and complex environmental challenges that are exacerbated by the lack of a national environmental policy. Furthermore, the deterioration of the environment is catalyzed by hazards that have long-term irreversible damage; a matter that needs to be tackled with urgency. Despite efforts put in place to address these issues, the policy making and planning process has not been a success.

After studying a unit on the environment and International Relations and wrote my thesis on water stress in the Nile basin region, I realized the role that environmental degradation had played in creating and sustaining conflicts in the Nile Basin region. A study of the effects of climate change in the Turkana region in Northern Kenya painted a grim picture of environmental degradation in the country. The lack of a national environmental policy further exacerbates the situation.

It is because of these reasons that I decided to study environmental policy and learn how to spread the word about these problems to the general public. I am currently in the process of creating an organization cum think tank that will work with the relevant national bodies to educate the public on environmental issues. Studying at the Center for Advanced Studies in Environmental Law and Policy (CASELAP), University of Nairobi, would not only empower my career development but will also create the framework to utilize my full potentials. It will also provide me with the ability to take courses in a broad array of areas such as environmental sustainability, resource management and environmental regulations.

Upon graduating, I hope to apply the knowledge I would have acquired from the Masters program to a policy-related position and work with the relevant authorities to aid the processes of environmental policy making and planning with the Government of Kenya. I am determined to make the most out of this scholarship program. I will be able to complete my education uninterrupted, and will be able to focus better on my ultimate career goal. Additionally, the DAAD Scholarship I have been awarded will reduce the stress that I would have to undergo in order to repay educational loans, when the real focus should lie on developing a strong foothold as an expert in environmental issues.

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