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CASELAP announces Seminar by World Bank Senior Environmental Specialist Noreen Beg on "Sound Environmental Safeguards of World Bank's Funded Projects: Extractive Industries and Energy" on 4 November 2015 at 5:30pm

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Date and time: 
Wed, 11/04/2015 - 14:30
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Prof H.W.O Okoth-Ogendo Boardroom, Block A, Parklands Campus

Miss Noreen Beg is a senior environmental specialist who has worked on environmental management on Bank –financed energy projects in Africa, Latin America, and South Asia. She will speak on "Sound Environmental Safeguards of World Bank's Funded Projects: Extractive Industries and Energy," and in doing so, provide an overview of Bank environmental management tools, with specific examples.


The World Bank’s engagement in the energy sector is aimed at supporting
developing countries to secure the affordable, reliable and sustainable
energy supply needed to end poverty and promote shared prosperity. Its goal
is to assist countries to pursue environmentally, financially, fiscally and
socially sustainable energy sector development. This covers engagement in
power systems: generation, transmission and distribution; renewable and
clean energy technologies and energy efficiency and conservation. Most
World Bank Group interventions in extractive industries are in the
governance area, to encourage transparent management of extractive industry
revenues so that they provide benefits for local people, and so that the
industries themselves respect local community needs and the environment.
The World Bank employs a set of environmental safeguards, to ensure that
Bank-financed projects are environmentally sound, socially responsible and
sustainable; and that improve decision-making process by both Bank and
Borrower. These safeguards range  from protection of natural habitats and
forests, implementation of dam safety measures, to ensuring safety of
workers and the community. The World Bank Group, since 2007, has adopted a
set of Environmental Health and Safety Guidelines, including
sector-specific guidelines with specific emisisons standards and  proposed
impact mitigation measures for the power and oil and gas sectors. 

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