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New Publications at CASELAP: Oct-Dec 2015

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In the October-November 2015 period, the following new publications have been completed by Faculty:

1. Richard Mulwa, with Karuturi P. C. Rao, Gummadi Sridhar, Mary N. Kilavi, Anthony Esilaba, Ioannis N. Athanasiadis, and Roberto O. Valdivia, "Impacts of Climate Variability and Change on Agricultural Systems in East Africa", in Handbook on Climate Change and Agrosystems: The Agricultural Model Intercomparison and Improvement Project (AGMIP) Integrated Crop and Economic Assessments? Joint Publication with ASA, CSSA, and SSSA (in 2 Parts), Chapter 3, pp.75-123 (World Scientific Press)

2. Richard Mulwa*, with Karuturi P. C. Rao, Sridhar Gummadi, Mary Kilavi, "Effects of climate change on agricultural households’ welfare in Kenya" Climate Research. See Abstract

3. Robert Kibugi, with Dalupan, Cecilia M. G., Haywood Caroline, Wardell Andrew D., Cordonnier-Segger M. - C., (2015) Building enabling legal frameworks for sustainable land-use investments in Zambia, Tanzania and Mozambique: A synthesis

4. Robert Kibugi, with Wardell Andrew D., Cordonnier-Segger M. - C., Haywood Caroline, and Gift R. , (2015) Enabling legal frameworks for sustainable land-use investments in Tanzania: Legal assessment report

5. Robert Kibugi with Chiziane, E., Gift R.,  Wardell DA, Cordonnier-Segger M. - C., and Haywood C. , (2015) Legal frameworks enabling sustainable land-use investment in Mozambique: Current strengths and opportunities for improvement

6. Robert Kibugi with PT Sambo, C Haywood, DA Wardell (2015)  Enabling legal frameworks for sustainable land use investments in Zambia