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CASELAP Annual Report for the Year 2012

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1.         Introduction


On 20th September 2007 the Council of the University of Nairobi approved Statute provisions establishing The Centre for Advanced Studies in Environmental Law and Policy (CASELAP) as a Faculty-level unit of the University.  This completed a process initiated by the Faculty (now School) of Law and the Institute for Development Studies, both within the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, towards a postgraduate centre of excellence for capacity building in environmental governance, comprising environmental law and policy.  The action of the Council constitutes a formal establishment of CASELAP and thus authorizing it to prepare its academic programmes for approval by Senate.

Centre for Advanced Studies in Environmental Law and Policy (CASELAP) of the University of Nairobi has developed focused programmes aimed at providing sustained and advanced level capacity building in environmental governance at national and regional levels. This will fill an urgent gap in environmental law and policy that is key to ensuring sustainable development. The principal components of environmental governance which constitute the three academic divisions of CASELAP are Environmental Policy, Environmental Law and Environmental Diplomacy. Each of the Masters programmes will run for a period of four semesters, while the Doctorate programme in Environmental Policy will run for six semesters.  



Full Professor                          -           1

Associate Professor                 -           1

Senior Lecturers                      -           3

Lecturers                                 -           3

Tutorial Fellows                      -           2


2.         Courses Offered –

 i) MA in Environmental Policy

ii) MA in Environmental Law

iii) PhD in Environmental Policy


3.         Enrolled students at postgraduate levels

i) MA in Environmental Policy

2010/2011 intake        -           Sixteen  (16) students

2011/2012 intake        -           Eight    (8) students

2012/2013 intake        -           Eleven    (11) students

                                    Total:   Thirty Five (35) students


ii) MA in Environmental Law

2011/2010 intake        -           Nine (9) students

2012/2013 intake        -           Fourteen (14) students

Total   -           Twenty Five (25) students

          iii) PhD in Environmental Policy

            2011/2010 intake        -           Eight (8) students

            2012/2013 intake        -           Nine (9) students

                                     Total  -           Seventeen students (17) students


4.         International student component  

            Deffersha, Solomon Balew      Z50/69736/2011         – Ethiopian

            Addis Ababa University


            Kayumba, Angelani Ange      Z51/80943/2012          – Congo, DRC

            Universite Protestante Au Congo


            Tobias Vorlaufer

             University of Amsterdam



5.         Research activities undertaken


  1.  Access to Land and Land Based Resources among Women in Pastoralist and           Forest-Dwelling Communities in East Africa – IDRC funded Project.


b)   Renewable Energy Policy Guidelines – UNEP funded project.


c)   Soil Conservation practices and climate change adaptation strategies – RUFORUM  

funded project.


d)   Developing biomass pyrolysis stoves for bio-energy use by rural households and

      SME’s in Kenya - NCST funded project.


            e)   The Agricultural Model Intercomparison and Improvement Project (AGMIP)

            f)   Enhancing adoption of harmonized standards in Eastern and Central Africa


6.         International links and collaborations

  1. Ghent University, Belgium
  2. United Nations Environment Programme, Gigiri, Nairobi
  3. University of Gothenburg, Sweden
  4. International Development Research Centre ( IDRC), CANADA
  5. Regional Universities Forum for Capacity Building in Agriculture RUFORUM
  6. Association for Strengthening  Agricultural Research in Eastern and Central Africa - ASARECA
  7. International Institute of Tropical Agriculture -  IITA
  8. University of Columbia
  9. Oregon State University
  10. National Aeronautical Space Administration NASA
  11. International Crops Research Institute for Semi-Arid Tropics ICRISAT
  12. Makerere University



7        Publications for the year





“ Settling Disputes through Arbitration in Kenya”, ladona Publishers, Nairobi -2012.


Journal Articles


  1.    Sustainable Development and Equity in Kenya” University of Nairobi Law Journal Vol. 7 (2012) pages 26-38.


     ii).   “Realising Occupational Safety and Health as a Fundamental Human

               Right in Kenya”, Volume 1 No. 1 of  2012 Mount Kenya University Law Journal

               (MKULJ), pages 47-74

               Papers presented in various fora:



Mulwa, R., Emrouznejad A., and E-A.Nuppenau. (2012): ‘An overview of Total Factor Productivity estimations adjusted for pollutant outputs: an application to sugarcane farming.

 International Journal of Environmental Technology Management,  15 (1), 1-15. 

Adolwa, I. S., Okoth, P. F.,  Mulwa, R. M.,  Esilaba, A. O.,  Mairura, F. S.  and Nambiro E. (2012): Analysis of Communication and Dissemination Channels Influencing the Adoption of Integrated Soil Fertility Management in Western Kenya, The Journal of Agricultural Education and Extension, 18(1), 71-86

Michelson, H., Lentz, E. C., Mulwa, R., Morey, M., Cramer, L., McGlinchy, M. and Barrett, C. B.  (2012): Cash, food, or vouchers? An application of the Market Information and Food Insecurity Response Analysis Framework (MIFIRA) in urban and rural Kenya, Journal of Food Security, 4: 455-469.


 On-going Projects and Consultancies – Dr Richard Mulwa

  • RUFORUM: Performance and Adoption of Soil Conservation Practices as Climate Change Adaptation Strategies in Semi-Arid Districts of Uganda and Kenya
  • ASARECA: Value Chain Analysis on Harmonization of Cassava and Potato Quality Standards in Eastern and Central Africa.
  • AgMIP(Agricultural Model Intercomparison and Improvement Project): Regional Climate change in Sub Saharan Africa




Book chapter

“Liability for climate change in Kenya”, Patricia K Mbote and Collins Odote in  Brunnee Jutta et al eds.,Climate Change Liability: Transnational Law and Practice, Cambridge University Press, London, (2011)



Collins Odote “Kenya – Constitutional Provisions on the Environment” Issue 2012(1) IUCN Academy of Environmental Law E-Journal Issue 2012(1) 136-145 available at http://www.iucnael.org/en/e-journal/current-issue-.html.





MEMR(2012) “ Kenya Wetlands Atlas”


Oguge, Nicholas . 2012. Environment, Conservation and Livelihoods Eastern Africa: challenges and opportunities. Oxfam workshop on Livelihoods and Humanities in Eastern and Central Africa, 2nd  April 2012, Naivasha , Kenya.


Oguge, Nicholas O., STAUNTON-LAMB, Sarah , WINSER, Nigel.2012.

Engaging pastoralists in the Samburu dry-lands region of northern Kenya: developing strategies and practical sustainable solutions for effective community based conservation, water and natural resource management. Planet Under Pressure, 25-29 March , 2012, London,UK.







 2012               Renewable Energy Policy Guidelines – UNEP /UoN


2012                Eco-friendly Energy saving biomass pyrolysis stove - NCST / UoN


2012                Trainers, Judiciary Training Institute, Induction for Newly appointed High Court Judges and Judges of the Land and Environment           


2012                Consultancy, A team of Experts Advising the Judiciary Working Committee on election Preparedness for 2013 Elections.


2012                Consultancy, Review of the German Government Support to the East African Community through GIZ; part of  a seven member international technical reviewing GIZ regional integration support programme to EAC, 2009 – 2012


2012                Resource Person, Media discussions on key aspects of the Constitution as part of the Civic Education Programme of the Kenya National Integrated Civic Education Programme.


2012                Consultancy, East African Community, Development of a Strategy for Mobilizing Civil Society to Engage in EAC Integration processes; and Development of a Strategy Document for social Development Framework.


2012                Consultancy, Materials Development, Ministry of Justice, National Cohesion and Constitutional Affairs.  Developing Civic Education materials on the thematic areas of devolution and land, Environment and Natural Resources to be used for civic education across the country.




The Centre had no graduands for the reference period

 10 Conferences


  • Distinguished  Lecture entitled “International Legal Responses to threats to Marine Biological Diversity from Pollution”, delivered by Professor C.O. Okidi, Director of CASELAP to 8th Annual Colloquium of IUCN Academy of Environmental Law, on 17th September, 2012 at Ghent University, Belgium..
    ¨ Commission for the Implementation of the Constitution
“Improving Access to Justice: Legislative and Administrative Reforms under the Constitution”, Workshop on Access to Justice Tuesday, 23rd October 2012 at Sankara Hotel, Westlands.-  Dr Kariuki Muigua
  ¨  “Alternative Dispute Resolution and Article 159 of the Constitution”; LEGAL RESOURCE FOUNDATION TRUST,    Programme for Judges and Magistrates Training in Lake Baringo Soi Lodge - 7th September, 2012.- Dr Kariuki Muigua
Hosted Distinguished Public lecture by H.E. Ambassador Amina Mohamed, Assistant Secretary-General of the United Nations and Deputy Executive Director of UNEP on 24th October 2012.
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