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Ongoing Research by Dr. Richard Mulwa

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  1. Ecosystem Service Mapping & Socioeconomic Valuation of Niger Delta Wetland: In collaboration with Wetlands International (Africa) and Department of Applied and Environmental Biology Rivers State University of Science and Technology, Port Harcourt, Nigeria.
  2. Agricultural Model Intercomparison Project (AgMIP) on Climate Change in East Africa: In collaboration with ICRISAT- Ethiopia, Kenya Meteorological Department and Kenya Agricultural Research Institute
  3. Enhancing Ecologically Resilient Food Security Through innovative Farming Systems in the Semi-Arid Midlands of Kenya: in Collaboration with Kenya Agricultural Research Institute and McGill University Canada
  4. Economic valuation of  ecosystem goods and services of mangroves at Kipini forest in Tana River County, Kenya:  in Collaboration with Wetlands International (Africa)
  5. Regional assessment of agricultural production, climate change, agricultural trade and food security: In collaboration with KIPPRA
  6. Estimation of Total Factor Productivity of smallholder farmers in East Africa: In collaboration with CIMMYT