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University of Nairobi Plagiarism Policy

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The University of Nairobi plagiarism policy is a product of a thorough review of a number of policies drawn from international and regional practices and is intended to be a hallmark of university maintenance of academic integrity by both the students and staff. The policy strives to strengthen two key core values highlighted in the University strategic plan of 2008 – 2013. These are innovativeness and creativity, which are intended to be the mark of a cornerstone in implementation of the university activities as they are initiated, as well as adapting to change and professionalism that should be embedded in all actions and interactions, to ensure maintenance of ethical behavior, professional etiquette and honesty.

The policy espouses the framework for determination, detection and management of plagiarism in consistency with the goals for the achievement of university quality aspirations as expressed in the quality statement. This policy is intended to promote and educate students and staff about academic integrity, and to protect the interests of students, faculty and the University. As such, the plagiarism policy outlines the general vision and commitment of the University with regard to integrity requirements in the execution of academic programmes, creation and dissemination of research knowledge, targeted at promoting excellence in scholarly output.

See attached Plagiarism Policy for further details.

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