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CASELAP's Prof Oguge, and PhD Environmental Policy Candidate Francis Oremo are co-authors of new Book Titled "FOSTERING THE USE OF RAINWATER FOR SMALL-SCALE IRRIGATION IN SUB-SAHARAN AFRICA"

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Date and time: 
Mon, 11/07/2016 - 02:30
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CASELAP, Parklands Campus

PDF copy of publication is attached. 

Prof Oguge, and Mr. Francis Oremo - a CASELAP PhD Environmental Policy candidate, and DAAD Scholar, have co-authored a new Book titled "Fostering the Use of Rainwater for Small-Scale Irrigation in Sub-Saharan Africa: A regional baseline study in Ethiopia, Kenya, Mozambique and Zimbabwe." It is a baseline study of the situation in Ethiopia, Kenya, Mozambique and Zimbabwe.

The new publication is under the auspices of the AFRHINET Research project, which is a network for technology transfer network on rainwater harvesting irrigatio management in rural arid and semi-arid areas of sub-Saharan Africa.  

The Book is co-authored with fellow researchers: J. Trincheria, N. Adhiambo, S. Bila, B. Cuamba, D. Dawit, W. Leal, A. Leão, B.M. Magonziwa, M. Malesu, S. Ngigi, E. Nissen-Petersen, G. Nyamadzawo, J. Nyamangara, A. Oduor, S. Sisenando, J. Pereira, B. Simane, T. Tulu, M. Wuta. 

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Wed, 11/07/2096 - 02:30
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