VIDEO : Effects of COVID19 on the Kenyan Blue Economy.

The Centre for Advanced Studies in Environmental Law and Policy, CASELAP organized an online webinar to interrogate the effects of COVID19 on the Kenyan Blue Economy.

The online event, had several objectives, some of the objectives being; to develop a better understanding of role of Blue Economy in the country’s social economic architecture, to understand effective government strategies:  Policies and Initiatives for sustainable exploitation of Blue Economy, how Kenya can leverage on Blue Economy to achieve SDGs, effects of COVID19 pandemic on Blue Economy, how research community can contribute to the development of Blue Economy.

Chief Guest Dr.  James Kairo, Chief Scientist Kenya Marine Fisheries Institute, opined that 42% of Kenya is under water and hence, we should develop better strategies to use this massive resource.  Some of the marine ecosystems, he highlighted include:  coral reef, mangroves and seagrasses

Dr. Kairo pointed out that the Blue Economy is the new wave of economic development, the next pillar of Worlds Economic Order. He explained that Blue Economy is the use of the sea and its resources for sustainable economic development as a parallel to the "green economy" concept.  

Blue Economy sectors that could be explored include:  Deep Sea Fishing, Aquaculture, Sport Fishing, Artisinal Fishing. In the future, possible uses of Blue Economy will include:  Deep-sea mining, Wind Energy, Luxury Tourism, Marinas. Some of the threats and challenges to the Blue Economy highlighted during the webinar are :  Piracy, Illegal Fishing.

The event was sponsored by: KMFRI, Embassy of Ireland, UNDP and the University of Nairobi.


Watch the Recorded Webinar here:    

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