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Effect alternative justice beyond tokenism

A few days ago, the Judiciary launched an alternative justice policy to provide anchorage and mechanisms for mainstreaming and upholding alternative and traditional mechanisms practised by communities in resolving their disputes.

The policy underscores the fact that it is not seeking to create but recognise and provide space by which these practices can continue to be utilised to resolve disputes and their existence and outputs not just appreciated but respected by the formal justice system.

Start doing what the Constitution says

The tenth anniversary of Kenya’s Constitution was marked last Thursday. While there was no central activity despite the milestone, there were webinars, media talk shows and citizen activities across the country.

There are several views on what progress the country has had in the decade since the promulgation of the Constitution. Despite these varied opinions, the reality is that the work of perfecting the country’s union is a continued assignment. So, what next? -Dr. Collins Odote

On forests glory, go back to Ndung’u Report.

The action by the government to reclaim forests and all other public resources is laudable as it seeks to guarantee their integrity. It is also a demonstration of the respect for the international commitment to sustainability in addition to discharge of constitutional obligations.

However, as one lauds it, it is also important to ask questions about consistency of government action and responsibility for past misdeeds.

-Dr. Collins Odote

Public service success goes beyond law

"......The fundamental rationale behind Chapter 13 of the Constitution 2010 on Public Service and the Public Service (Values and Principles) Act, 2015 was to ensure that service became the focus of all workers. That way, all citizens would get objective and expeditious service without going through someone else for favours, referred to as ‘knowing somebody’ in Kenyan parlance." Dr. Collins Odote 

Tackle employment policy challenges

In the early days of the Covid-19 pandemic in Kenya, there was a lot of trepidation on what to expect. Projections based on international trends expected high fatality and casualty rates. Partly because of the measures that the government put in place, the figures have not been as high as originally anticipated.

However, the proverbial curve continues to rise and not flatten to give opportunity for the country to reopen and pick up the pieces from the effects of the disease.